CHIFLÓN, THE SILENCE OF COAL is a play staged by the Silencio Blanco theatre company which is based on a real Chilean community engaged in mining. It is adapted from the story El Chiflón del Diablo by Chilean writer Baldomero Lilo. The play unfolds as a mining shaft collapses and the plot is presented to the audience without the use of any word of text or dialogue. The plot made the play connect with audiences regardless of race, social status, cultural identity or age. Silencio Blanco is a group of seven puppeteers based in Santiago. Their montage represents human sensations through everyday situations and familiar gestures. They present plays that connect with the audience’s thoughts and opinions and make a mark in their minds.



A five-time winner of the DownBeat Collegiate Award, the Frost Latin Jazz Orchestra brought to the audience a performance by Grammy nominee and McArthur fellow Dafnis Prieto. the event was organized by the Frost School of Music. The organization seeks to improve our lives through the study and performance of music.  It is devoted to excellence and a culture characterized by a culture of collegiality, in which diverse people, careers and musical styles are encouraged. The performance consisted of songs from his new big-band album. Also, Alberto de La Reguera will premiere new works for the orchestra to complete an exciting evening of music. The event was held at UM Gusman Concert Hall in Coral Gables.